RIFT: Meridian

Most of the screenshots in this site’s gamelog are images that were originally posted to my personal Tumblr. At some point, I used WordPress to rip them from Tumblr and import them to this site. In some cases, I have updated or added the text associated with them.

Many of the screenshots from Rift — those designated as “Rift Snapshot” below the pic — were created while playing the game and using a custom macro to post from within the game client directly to Tumblr. These posts should have in-game location data associated with them in the form of tags. This was a pretty cool feature years ago, and while many of the pics might not have the best composition or lighting, they do serve as a log as to where I was in the virtual world of Telara, and when. Most of the posts with screenshots containing the game’s UI have been deleted as they were created automatically by unlocking achievements.

Going forward, any video game screenshots I post in the form of a gamelog will be done on the Cablepunk WordPress.

Author: Stephen Oravec

Stephen Oravec is a writer from Ohio.