Space Invaders in The Sandbox at the Shibuya109 Event

Until March 14, 2024, The Sandbox is running an event called “Space Invaders in Shibuya109 Land.” Naturally, I had to be there. The event is a combination of two experiences, the new “Shibuya Night -SPACE INVADERS-” and a revamped “SHIBUYA109 Fashionable” from last year, now with elements from the classic 1978 game from Taito. Completing the quests inside the department store gets you a Space Invaders backpack. Unfortunately, it’s only a local wearable. Here’s hoping the backpack becomes available as an affordable mint. Seriously, though, I ran around with it equipped on my previously-purchased Shibuya109 avatar for a good half hour. It would be great, too, to have mints of the iconic octopus, squid, and crab aliens. I’d love to have them populating my own plot of land in The Sandbox. Both Shibuya109 experiences are an absolute joy and not to be missed.