Goodbye, Wildstar


Having heard NCSOFT and Carbine Studios plan to shut down Wildstar, I recently re-downloaded it to say farewell.

Wildstar never really was my thing, but it was a quality game, and I’m sure some people really liked its style and tone. So, this shuttering of the game is a shame.

I know I must have rerolled a few times. My current character of Xylene Nox only made it to level 11. Apparently, based on my achievements, I played some PvP at one time. I do recall a giant pit in the ground as part of a PvP stage. What I remember most, though, is PvE leveling in some frozen area. Like I said, Wildstar was never really my thing. Had it managed to stick around, it’s something I might have gotten back to eventually, but very doubtfully.

Anyway, goodbye, Wildstar.

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Author: Stephen Oravec

Stephen Oravec is a writer from Ohio.