Nintendo Switch Online is here!

This past Tuesday, September 18th, Nintendo Switch Online released around 11 pm Eastern. With it came a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. Twenty games are currently available with the launch, and I thought a run-through of Super Mario Bros. was in order. Via warp zones and with sweaty palms on the Pro Controller, I made quick work of Bowser’s assault on the Mushroom Kingdom.

SMB1 Bowser
Eat lava, Bowser!
SMB1 Princess
Hey, Princess. So, did you hear what Stormy Daniels said about Toad?

Super Mario Bros. 2 is missing at launch, but Super Mario Bros. 3 is included, so that’s next up for me. It’s a game I haven’t played in forever, and I’m considering a warp whistle-free run since the emulator conveniently includes save point creation. Look for screenshots from that run in the near future!

Casting Recap

After starting out the week broadcasting on Facebook Gaming a little Legion reputation grind in World of Warcraft, I switched over to the Nintendo Switch on Friday with the rerelease of the puzzle game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

My goal while streaming is to complete everything in a stage before advancing. That means I not only have to get the star for each chapter, but the three diamonds as well. Plus, new to this version is Pixel Toad, so he must be found. And, of course, there is the bonus challenge for each stage. Sneaking past all of the Shy Guys in Chapter 6 really gave me some trouble. You can view that video on Facebook here.

The aim for this week is to continue broadcasting my playthrough of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker with the goal of potentially completing the game. However, seeing as it took me a half hour just to sneak successfully past some Shy Guys, that goal might be hopelessly unrealistic.

My Facebook Gaming profile can be found at, and please be sure to follow its main page: Streams will generally be in the evening Eastern, but no schedule has been set yet.