Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: My Journey So Far

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth from Square Enix released this past Thursday, 2/29, for the PlayStation 5. My physical edition arrived on Friday, and since then I’ve managed to make it as far as Costa Del Sol. I haven’t been this excited for a game since the 1997 original, and the story and gameplay have easily exceeded my expectations.

One thing that I find hilarious is not all chairs and tables are bolted to the world. I found this out when I sent a chair from a sidewalk café in Kalm into the street. The sound of crashing furniture follows me and my companions wherever we go.

And that’s all I’m going to say because spoilers. However, I can’t help but share some photos from my journey so far.

The Mythril Mine
Junon from the cape
The port at Costa del Sol

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a must play for fans of the original game and anyone looking for a gaming adventure.

Happy Valentione’s Day 2024!

The Valentione’s Day seasonal event has once again come to Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV from Square Enix. For 2024, participation in the event rewards you with the Love Heart emote showcased in the featured image of this post.

This year’s event features a cameo that made me smile, and we also learn the origin of why the heart is the symbol of Valentione’s Day. What I like about Final Fantasy XIV is how there’s a story and reason for everything. The world is built out in a manner unseen in so many other MMORPGs. This could just be a real-world Valentine’s Day event in a game, but the talent at Square Enix have made it much more than that with the lore and NPC personalities.

Valentione’s Day is one of the earliest events in Final Fantasy XIV I ever attended. My first was in 2014 during the Realm Reborn era, and I’m happy for this 10-year history. As I recall, it occurred concurrently with the return of the Final Fantasy XIII event where Lightning would pop up in the world.

final fantasy xiv
Valentione Apron Dress Attire from the Valentione’s Day 2014 seasonl event
original post
final fantasy xiv
I finally unlocked my grand company chocobo during the 2014 event
original post
final fantasy xiv
Lightning’s hairstyle, also obtained at that time
original post

Remembering 2014, I took a trip to the original three city-states of Final Fantasy XIV for some costumed screenshots.

The Love Heart emote is easily now one of my favorite emotes, and so I’m spreading the word and also unlocking it on multiple characters. Be sure to get yours before the event ends Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 6:59 a.m. (PST).

Space Invaders in The Sandbox at the Shibuya109 Event

Until March 14, 2024, The Sandbox is running an event called “Space Invaders in Shibuya109 Land.” Naturally, I had to be there. The event is a combination of two experiences, the new “Shibuya Night -SPACE INVADERS-” and a revamped “SHIBUYA109 Fashionable” from last year, now with elements from the classic 1978 game from Taito. Completing the quests inside the department store gets you a Space Invaders backpack. Unfortunately, it’s only a local wearable. Here’s hoping the backpack becomes available as an affordable mint. Seriously, though, I ran around with it equipped on my previously-purchased Shibuya109 avatar for a good half hour. It would be great, too, to have mints of the iconic octopus, squid, and crab aliens. I’d love to have them populating my own plot of land in The Sandbox. Both Shibuya109 experiences are an absolute joy and not to be missed.

Mono-Red Aggro, Probably

Yesterday, I created an Oravec profile account for the PC game Magic: The Gathering Arena on which to play Mono-Red Aggro, probably. This new account is in addition to my previous Magic: The Gathering Arena Cablepunk profile account created a little over a year ago on which I played Mono-Red Aggro. Back then, I first started out with Boros Knights during the Throne of Eldraine expansion set courtesy of the Rowan, Fearless Sparkmage Planeswalker deck. From there, I played Oko until he got himself banned, and then found myself lured by Chandra Nalaar’s flickering flame.

Fresh account new home screen.
That new home smell.

Of course, it was inevitable that when I finally started playing Magic: The Gathering I’d end up focused on Mono-Red Aggro. After all, back when I first picked up a 3rd Edition Core deck back in 1994, all I really wanted to do was lob fireballs at people. I was told that that wasn’t playing the game correctly. So, naturally, I thought the game was lame. Imagine my surprise coming to the game in 2019 after all those years and finding that that was actually a thing. MTGGoldfish has been a wonderful site for deck building. Long live Mono-Red Aggro!

At any rate, I have a clean new account to play on and build up. I can’t say I’m really happy with the state of Standard currently, but the thing with Magic: The Gathering is that it’s always changing, while the Mono-Red Aggro deck type always keeps up. This is pleasing to me. I don’t have a lot of time right now, but the point is the account is in place, and I have a desire to git gud. Maybe stream someday. So, any progress I make with Magic: The Gathering Arena will be found on this website as opposed to a Cablepunk website which was kind of the point of all this.

Ood Bnar

A hunt for a datacron in Bioware’s SWTOR reveals the Neti Jedi Master Ood Banar in his tree form.

I remembered this guy’s name from the Dark Horse Tales of Jedi comic book series, and then his appearance from the cover of issue 3 of Dark Empire II.

It’s good to see Star Wars Expanded Universe content alive and well in 2020.