Hello, Syrenka!

My SYRENKA never got its due here because I held the big hoopla over at Cablepunk Press. So this is an attempt to rectify that.

The wonderful banner you see above is a detail of the cover art by Aubriel Evans.

Print and Kindle copies of SYRENKA are available at Amazon. Note that each of the two preceding links are affiliate links. If you buy something when clicking through them, I get a few extra coins.

And who doesn’t like a freebie? Tomorrow September 11, 2018 through Thursday the 13th, SYRENKA will be free to download for Kindle. So pick up your free copy and let me know what you think!


CINDERELLA CABLEPUNK is now available in paperback from Amazon! Order your copy today and read a familiar tale told in an unfamiliar world of magic and dragons!

From the back cover:

Born prematurely during the robot dragon attack twenty years ago which claimed her mother’s life, Cinderella has always known hardship. Since her father’s suicide, however, her sorceress stepmother and stepsisters have been intent on making her life worse. Reduced to the status of maid in her childhood home, the forlorn young woman is unable to acquire the magical attire required to attend the Sigillaria Ball and commune with the mysterious Orb, a sacred artifact of unknown origin and power. When the cryptic angel Thanatos appears and grants her the opportunity to attend the Ball, Cinderella takes it without considering the consequences. A tale told in a world crossed with cables, threatened by robot dragons, and built on elemental magic, Stephen Oravec’s first novel revisits a timeless classic in a fantastical world unlike any other.